World famous inventions of Vietnamese (part 1)

( The invention of automated teller machine (ATM), nano technology which helps eliminate toxicity from water or fuel saver for motorbikes have all brought high income and helped humans save energy are the important distribution of Vietnamese people for the scientific society as well as the people in the world.

1. Aviator Smart Wheelchair:

Dr. Hung Nguyen (right) and his aviator smart wheelchair (

Aviator smart wheelchair technology, an innovation of Prof. Hung Nguyen, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Technology, Sydney (Australia) ranked third in the top 100 of Australian innovations in 2011.

Aviator was developed at University of Technology Sydney in the form of two wheelchairs, TIM (Thought-controlled Intelligent Machine) and SAM (Semi Autonomous Machine). The system directs and controls the chairs' navigation by reading users' head movements and brainwaves.

Professor Hung Nguyen said that the Aviator project is significant in its potential to impact the broader Australian community.

"I'm interested in research outcomes that can assist people with illnesses and disabilities to achieve greater independence, and the Aviator technology does exactly that," said Professor Nguyen, who also developed Hypomon, a non-invasive diabetes monitoring system.

"This research is significant because we now have the opportunity to apply the same technological approach to other disability aids. In future we may be able to use it help people with a range of tasks in their everyday lives, and adapt it so that it can be applied to different types of disabilities."


2. New crystalline lens for visually impaired

Dr Randal Pham (source: bbqt)

A Vietnamese-American doctor has invented a new kind of crystalline lens that allows people with eye diseases to go without glasses. The Medical Board of California has recognized the invention, which is called AcrySof Restor IOL Lens.

It is the work of Dr. Randal Pham, or Pham Hoang Tanh, the first surgeon of Vietnamese origin inducted into the prestigious American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He is internationally recognized as a pioneer in laser surgery of the eye and its related structures, particularly the eyelid and the face.

The AcrySof ReSTOR IOL is a multifocal intraocular lens that was approved by the FDA in March 2005 for cataract eye surgery performed in the United States.

The AcrySof ReSTOR lens has an "apodized diffractive" design which consists of concentric rings of very fine ridges that create zones that bend light differently to provide correction over a wide range of viewing distances.

"Apodized" means the sharp discontinuities in the concentric rings have been smoothed to create a more seamless optical system for seeing clearly at all distances. The difference between an apodized lens and one without apodization is similar to the difference between bifocal glasses that have a smooth transition between the near and distance lens zones and glasses without this smooth transition.

The AcrySof ReSTOR IOL is made of a flexible acrylic material that allows the lens to be folded and introduced into the eye in small-incision phacoemulsification cataract surgery.

More than 150 patients have been treated by this method and they have not needed glasses. The success is perfect for all cases using old people’s glasses, near-sighted glasses, far-sighted glasses, or cataracts. Patients under 18 years of age will need eye adjustment by Lasik before being replaced with AcrySof Restor Lens.




Incredible concrete surface can absorb 4,000 litres of water in SECONDS providing a flooding solution
World famous inventions of Vietnamese (part 1) ( Areas that are prone to flood when the heavy rain come could have a solution to all their problems with this magic type of concrete.
Urban agriculture grows amid pesticide fears
World famous inventions of Vietnamese (part 1) (Vietkings) With many urbanites worrying about the use of growth chemicals in vegetables, services providing small hanging gardens and care for fresh vegetables grown at home are prospering.
Cutting-edge technology optimizes cancer therapy with nanomedicine drug combinations
World famous inventions of Vietnamese (part 1) (Vietkings) UCLA bioengineers develop platform that offers personalized approach to treatment.
New technologies to help patients with Parkinson's disease
World famous inventions of Vietnamese (part 1) ( Researchers at the UPM are testing new wearable sensor networks and mobile phone applications to monitor and manage patients with Parkinson's disease.
Walk Wings turn your shoes into roller skates
World famous inventions of Vietnamese (part 1) (Records) Cardiff Skate Company recently invented Walk Wing, with strap-on skates of the regular shoes.
Mr. Pham Hoang Thang and his combine harvesting machine set a record
World famous inventions of Vietnamese (part 1) (Vietkings) – Begin the career at plastic industry, Mr. Pham Hoang Thang started researching and creating the sowing machine made from plastic since the year 2000 and applied widely in agriculture and accepted by the farmers in the whole country. From this archievement, in 2003, Thang continued to create the solution ejecting device that help the farmers in ejecting the repellent on the paddy and can get rid off the toxicity of this work.
Cancer-detecting dogs approved for NHS trial
World famous inventions of Vietnamese (part 1) (Records) Animals at specialist charity will undergo evaluation at Milton Keynes hospital after proving 93% effective in detecting odour of prostate tumours
High-tech application in agriculture in Ho Chi Minh City
World famous inventions of Vietnamese (part 1) (Records) The Ho Chi Minh municipal authorities will develop high-tech agriculture in an effort to boost agricultural production despite shrinking farmland
Largest solar power station built in Vietnam
World famous inventions of Vietnamese (part 1) (Records) Intel Products Vietnam heralded a grand opening of the largest solar power station in Vietnam at the Saigon High-Tech Park on April 23.
How robots are helping Marines save lives on battlefield
World famous inventions of Vietnamese (part 1) (Records) Marines are known for risking their lives on the battlefield, but more and more, robot technology is helping to avoid those dangers and save lives.
Vietnam now can produce anti-cancer Nano Curcumin
World famous inventions of Vietnamese (part 1) (Records) Vietnam has become the world's 10th country to successfully applying nanotechnology to produce Nano Curcumin - a substance that can help cure cancer, announced the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.
Nike launches new shoes technology for the disabled people
World famous inventions of Vietnamese (part 1) (Records) BEAVERTON, Oregon – Matthew Walzer, 19, said putting on shoes was nearly impossible. He has cerebral palsy, and often had to ask his parents to help him get dressed.
Breakthrough pill can CURE diabetes: New drug fights both types of killer disease
World famous inventions of Vietnamese (part 1) (Records) DIABETES could be cured by simply taking a pill that “rewires” the body, researchers have claimed.  
WHO names Vietnam a new global vaccine supplier
World famous inventions of Vietnamese (part 1) (Records) Vietnam has become the 37th country and the fifth in the Western Pacific meeting requirements to produce vaccines for the global market, the World Health Organization said.
Vietnam can produce cartepillar fungus
World famous inventions of Vietnamese (part 1) (Records) The Institute of Plant Protection Research has recently announced its success in producing caterpillar fungus (Ophiocordyceps sinensis), a rare medicine with the potential to increase the capacity of the body against cancer.
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