The largest “Thi VanYen Tu” exclusive book

The largest book – “Thi Van Yen Tu” consists of 300 pages, weighing 120 kg and the size of 125cm x 80cm x 16cm., was carried out from April to December 2011 in Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa).

On January 12th 2012 at Truc Lam pagoda, Prof. Dr. Hoang Quang Thuan awarded the book to Yen Tu Buddhist land which is kept here for Buddhist and tourists to sightseeing in Yen Tu Festival - 2012.

The cover of book

The product, made by Dr. Hoang Quang Thuan, includes 143 poems. . Through these poetries, the reader can imagine the beautiful and distinctive Yen Tu mountain’s scenery, as well as keeping track of rountine that Tran Nhan Tong King went through to build the Thien phai Truc Lam over 700 years ago.

The emotion about this poetry in front of Yen Tu holy mountain and the permission, assistance of Mr. Hoang Quang Thuan, after the Canh Dan Lunar New Year Festival 2010, a Tran Quoc An and Pham Tu Chung calligrapher visited many sites, Yen Tu landscape to made the book.

The cover and spine of book was made mahogany. The first and second cover was attached to the spine by long hinge with 5 colors of the flag of Buddhism in Vietnam. The spine of book was engraved “Thi Van Yen Tu - lotus – No. 2011” and decorated by two lines of bronze nail with 2 sides.

On the first cover was around carved patterns as the base of the Dong pagoda, created two columns, at the top two column carved two lotus. Next, the two words “Phat” (Buddhist) was carved kanji style. Between carved multi-storey tower, an inside was engraved  “2555 calendar Buddhist” word. In below site, being carved Hoang Quang Thuan and Thi Van Yen Tu word. In the between of the cover is Dong pagoda image  located in the frame, was decorated around in the top. Under the Dong pagoda picture is “độc bản” exclusive word. In the bottom, carving “Tran Quoc An and Pham Tu (Pham Chung Tu) made in 2011” word. Inside of the first covere was engraved autographs of Vo Nguyen Giap General.

The pages is made of special Chinese paper which was printed around Dong pagoda’s pattern, Hoang Quang Thuan’s 143 poems in the middle, 143 photographs illustrated of Pham Chung Tu. The rear site is 143 poems written by Tran Quoc An with Vietnamese calligraphy style. These pages are covered with protective laminate.

Asia Book of Records recognized the largest “Thi VanYen Tu” exclusive book on May 26, 2014

Phong Dang (Collected)


Bui Ngoc Thinh - Sightless person plays the most of instruments.
The largest “Thi VanYen Tu” exclusive book 11-year-old boy Bui Ngoc Thinh who was born with blindness but can play many musical instruments such as the drum, the guitar and the organ. 
The longest seafood table in Vietnam and Asia
The largest “Thi VanYen Tu” exclusive book Pepsico Suntory  Company organised a feast "UP" and Seafood" ang set the record for the longest seafood banquet table in Vietnam and Asia on 5-7 at DIC beach resort, Vung Tau City
The largest Buddhist flag made of fresh flower in Asia
The largest “Thi VanYen Tu” exclusive book Buddhism Flag is made of many various materials such as fabric, paper, plastic, paper flowers with connected from the colorful lanters ever. Taking the original idea from Vesak Day to make largest Buddhism Flag in Asia by fresh flower. It is an initiative of the monks and nuns at Dai Bi Pagoda (Ninh Binh province)
The Asia largest monolithic bronze statue of King - Monk Tran Nhan Tong
The largest “Thi VanYen Tu” exclusive book The new statue of King-Monk Tran Nhan Tong was made monolithic bronze, weighs 139 tonnes and is 10 meters high. It was placed in the An Ky Sinh Square on Yen Tu Mountain, about 1,000m above sea level. Hanoi Construction Fine Art Co., Ltd. executed this statue.  
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